General Strike Song (Louis Burcar)

“General Strike Song” Sheet Music (pdf).
“General Strike Song” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: Louis Burcar.
Tune: “Procession of the Sardar.”

Over the land, over the sea,
Comes the call to join the fight, the strike to be free.
Now everywhere, riding on the air,
Rebel voices mingle in wrathful harmony.
Lay down your tools; leave your machine;
Come up from the mines, out of the fields so green.
Tie up the ships; close down the shops.
Let the parasites get wise as they get lean.

Deep down in mines, shut in shops of steel,
Let them do the speed-up till their brains begin to reel.
But no gears could work, starvation would lurk,
Without us nothing moves, not a single wheel!
Then take up your tools; work your machine;
Run your ships and factories; till the fields so green.
But close the gates up tight; lock out the parasite
For he can never know what work and freedom mean.

No more to slave, no more to toil
For well-fed politicians or masters drunk with might.
Strike now as one, fight for our right
To all that we produce from fact’ry or soil.
So let us strike, strike to be free.
Shed the shackles, break the chains of wage slavery.
Join in the song, strike with the strong.
All power to the union; the world for the free!

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