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Political Folk Music is a not for profit website dedicated to the historical preservation of working class music, including lyrics, sheet music, midi files, and karaoke files. Political Folk Music promotes the social performance of working class songs in accordance with the belief of Fellow Worker John Neuhaus, who "passionately believed that Wobblies and friends should continue to sing [these songs]," treating them not as "cultural or historical artifacts" but as "songs in the repertoires of living singers" (The Big Red Songbook, Charles H. Kerr Publishing Company, 2007, p. 7). Political Folk Music sets out to preserve the songs of the IWW (Industrial Workers of the World), of Paul Robeson, of Utah Phillips, of Alistair Hulett, of Chumbawamba, and of other politically left-leaning radicals. Political Folk Music encourages the financial support of living musicians. The inclusion of copyrighted material is intended for educational use only. If any copyright holder objects to the inclusion of any material on this website, please contact the website administrator by emailing and the offending material will be removed.