Automation (Joe Glazer)

“Automation” Sheet Music (pdf).
“Automation” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: Joe Glazer.
Tune: Joe Glazer.

I went down, down, down to the factory
Early on a Monday morn.
When I got down to the factory,
It was lonely. It was forlorn.
I couldn’t find Joe, Jack, John, or Jim;
Nobody could I see:
Nothing but buttons and bells and lights
All over the factory.

I walked, walked, walked into the foreman’s office
To find out what was what.
I looked him in the eye and I said, “What goes?”
And this is the answer I got:
His eyes turned red, then green, then blue,
And it suddenly dawned on me:
There was a robot sitting in the seat
Where the foreman used to be.

I walked all around, all around, up and down
And across that factory.
I watched all the buttons and the bells and the lights.
It was a myst’ry to me.
I hollered, “Frank, Hank, Roy, Ray, Don, Dan,
Bill, Phil, Ed, Fred, Pete!”
And a great big mechanical voice boomed out:
“All your buddies are obsolete!”

I was scared, scared, scared; I was worried; I was sick
As I left that factory.
I decided that I had to see the president
Of the whole darn company.
When I got up to his office, he was rushing out the door
With a scowl upon his face
’Cause there was a great big mechanical executive
Sitting in the president’s place.

I went home, home, home to my ever-loving wife
And told her ’bout the factory.
She hugged me and she kissed me and she cried a little bit
As she sat on my knee.
I don’t understand all the buttons and the lights,
But one thing I will say:
I thank the good Lord that love’s still made
In the good old-fashioned way.

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