Pauly Lyons (Pennsylvania Dutch)

“Pauly Lyons” Sheet Music (pdf).
“Pauly Lyons” (Pennsylvania Dutch) Karaoke (midi with lyrics).
“Pauly Lyons” (English) Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

A Pennsylvania Dutch Folk Song.
A Song of American Life.

Bald gehn ich noch demm Redden zu;
Datt waar ich nicht bekannt.
Datt kummt der Buli Leiens
Un nemmt mich bei der Hand.

Er fiehrt mich noch der Prissen zu,
Un saagt er: “Doo musscht nei;
Doo musscht du drei Yaahr bleiwe,
Noo wascht du widder frei.”

Noo saag ich zum Buli Leiens:
“Was hawwich dann geduh?”
Noo saagt der Buli Leiens:
“Ei, du waarscht en schlechder Bu.”

Noo kummt doch meine Fraa,
Die kummt yoo gaar so weit;
Noo saagt der Buli Leiens:
“Die iss nich recht gescheit!”

Soon, I’ll go to Reading,
Where I am not known,
But Bully Lyons comes along,
And takes me to his home.

He leads me to the prison and says,
“You must go in;
Here you’ll stay for three long years;
Then, you’ll be free again.”

Then, I says to Bully Lyons,
“Now, just what have I done?”
Then, Bully Lyons says to me,
“You’re such a wicked one!”

Along there comes my dear old wife.
I didn’t think she’d care!
Then, Bully Lyons says to me,
“She isn’t quite all there!”

He says, “No, she isn’t quite all there!”

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