I’ve Thrashed All My Oats Fields (Pennsylvania Dutch)

“I’ve Thrashed All My Oats Fields” Sheet Music (pdf).
“I’ve Thrashed All My Oats Fields” (Pennsylvania Dutch) Karaoke (midi with lyrics).
“I’ve Thrashed All My Oats Fields” (English) Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

A Pennsylvania Dutch Folk Song.
A Song of the Farm.

Hab Hawwer gedrosche,
Hab Linnse geseet;
Hab mannich schee Meedel
Am Danse gedreet!

Bin mit re geloffe
Im Regge un im Wind;
Hen mannich Mool bei nanner g’schloofe,
Un hen yoo noch kein Kind!

I’ve thrashed all my oats fields;
My lentils I’ve sown;
I’ve swung on the dance floor
Many a girl of my own.

I’ve walked along with her
While the winds raged wild
And slept with her often
And never had a child!

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