The Frog That Had No Hair (Pennsylvania Dutch)

“The Frog That Had No Hair” Sheet Music (pdf).
“The Frog That Had No Hair” (Pennsylvania Dutch) Karaoke (midi with lyrics).
“The Frog That Had No Hair” (English) Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

A Pennsylvania Dutch Folk Song.
A Song of the Tavern.

Oh Frosch, oh Frosch,
Du hoscht yoo gaar ken Haar!
Mer brauch dich gaar net schtrehle,
Du hoscht yoo gaar ken Haar!
Oh du liewe Leene,
Mer muss dich draa gewehne!
An was? An was?
Ans Eitelbarriyers Fass.
Zum Sippe, zum Saufe,
Zum Kellerloch nei;
Alles muss versoffe sei!
Solche Brieder misse mer hawwen,
Die versaufen was sie hawwen;
Die versaufen Schtrimp un Schuh,
Gehe dem Belsebupp baarfiessich zu.

Oh Frog, oh Frog,
You haven’t any hair!
We do not need to comb you:
You haven’t any hair!
Oh, my darling Lena,
You’ll learn to like it, dear!
Like what? Like what?
Why, Eitelberger’s Beer!
A-tippling, a-drinking, a-cellaring go:
Drink up everything, you know!
They’re fine fellows, don’t you think?
All they have, they spend on drink:
Drink up shoes and stockings neat,
And walk to the Devil in their bare feet.

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