United Steelworkers Are We (M. T. Montgomery)

“United Steelworkers Are We” Sheet Music (pdf).
“United Steelworkers Are We” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: M. T. Montgomery.
Tune: “The Squidjiggin’ Ground.”

Oh, we are the men of the Steelworkers’ Union,
From blast furnace, open hearth, foundry, and mill;
From ingot mould stripping, from scarfing and chipping,
From out where the slag pots are dumped on the fill.

There’s men from Cape Breton and men from Vancouver,
Algoma and Stelco and old Montreal;
There’s men from Bell Island, from prairie and highland;
United Steelworkers are we, one and all.

Now we dig the ore out, and we run the smelter;
We make aluminum, pig iron, and steel,
And we run the rail mills, the wire and the nail mills:
Industry Steelworkers are “the big wheel.”

We meet, and we battle the toughest employers;
At threats and injunctions and stooges, we laugh;
Our leaders are strongest; our locals fight longest;
We have the best members; we have the best staff.

If you fancy licking the boots of the bosses
And for any favor their bidding you’ll do,
If you’re just a piker and never a striker,
The Steelworkers’ Union is no place for you!

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