The Optimistic Laborites (John F. Kendrick)

“The Optimistic Laborites” Sheet Music (pdf).
“The Optimistic Laborites” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: John F. Kendrick.
Tune: “The Harp That Once thro’ Tara’s Halls.”

We’ll sing the praise of future days,
The happy times to be,
When every man shall guard the plan
That every man be free.
We have no ties beyond the skies;
Our loves and hopes are here.
No holy fool can make us drool
The dismal hymns of fear.

With ready hand, we take our stand
To hope and work and fight;
And while we live, our strength we’ll give
For liberty and right.
We make all wealth, conserve all health,
By cunning craft and trade;
We bring all joy for we employ
The hammer, brush and spade.

Then live the part that warms the heart
And wakens kinsfolk’s pride:
All Nature’s laws confirm the cause
For which our comrades died.
Some day we’ll own the fields we’ve sown
When hunger’s rule is past.
No child shall slave to feed a knave
When man is free at last.

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