Ten Little Craft Unions (Bertram Lester Weber)

“Ten Little Craft Unions” Sheet Music (pdf).
“Ten Little Craft Unions” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: Bertram Lester Weber.
Tune: “Ten Little Injuns.”

Ten little craft unions
Working in a mine.
One went on strike,
And then there were nine.

Nine little craft unions
All digging slate.
One made a contract;
Then there were eight.

Eight little craft unions
Work for hours eleven.
One struck for shorter hours;
Then there were seven.

Seven little craft unions
All making bricks.
One got black-listed;
Then there were six.

Six little craft unions
Trying to keep alive.
One scabbed on all the rest;
Then there were five.

Five little craft unions
Working in a store.
One wasn’t recognized;
Then there were four.

Four little craft unions,
Good as they could be.
One wasn’t good enough;
Then there were three.

Three little craft unions
Working in a crew.
One committed mutiny;
Then there were two.

Two little craft unions,
Both on the run.
One lost its treasury;
Then there was one.

One little craft union,
Fighting all alone.
Some businessmen bought it;
Then there was none.

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