The Little Orphan Girl (Anonymous)

“The Little Orphan Girl” Sheet Music (pdf).
“The Little Orphan Girl” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: Anonymous.
Tune: Traditional.

“No home, no home,” cried a little girl
At the door of a rich man’s home,
As she trembling stood on the marble steps,
“A home and a piece of bread.”

“My father, alas, I never knew,”
And the tears did fall so fast,
“My mother sleeps in a new-made grave,
’Tis an orphan who begs tonight.”

The night was dark and the snow fell down,
But the rich man closed his door.
He proudly said, as he turned away,
“No home, no bread for the poor.”

The rich man slept on his velvet couch,
And he dreamed of his silver and gold,
While the poor little girl made her bed on the snow
And murmured, “So cold, so cold.”

The morning dawned, and the little girl
Still lay at the rich man’s door,
But her soul had fled to the world above,
Where there’s room and bread for the poor.

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