Hail the Hero Workers (Anna Garlin Spencer)

“Hail the Hero Workers” Sheet Music (pdf).
“Hail the Hero Workers” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: Anna Garlin Spencer.
Tune: Henry G. Trembath.

Hail the hero workers
Of the mighty past!
They whose labor builded
All the things that last:
Thoughts of wisest meaning,
Deeds of noblest right,
Patient toil in weakness,
Struggles in the night.
Hail, then, noble workers,
Builders of the past,
All whose lives have blest us
With the gains that last.

Hail ye, hero workers,
Who today do hear
Duty’s myriad voices
Sounding high and clear;
Ye who quick responding
Haste ye to your task;
Be it grand or simple,
Ye forget to ask.
Hail ye, noble workers,
Builders of today,
Who life’s treasures gather
That shall last always.

Hail ye, hero workers,
Ye who yet shall come,
When to this world’s calling
All our lips are dumb;
Ye shall build more nobly,
If our work be true
As we pass life’s treasures
On from old to new.
Hail ye, then, all workers
Of all lands and time,
One brave band of heroes
With one task sublime.


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