The Corn Song

John Greenleaf Whittier

"The Corn Song" (karaoke)

"The Corn Song" (sheet music)

Through vales of grass and meads of flow'rs,

Our ploughs their furrows made,

While on the hills the sun and show'rs

Of changeful April played

We dropped the seed o'er hill and plain

Beneath the sun of May,

And frightened from our sprouting grain

The robber crows away.


All through the long bright days of June

Its leaves grew green and fair

And waved in hot mid-summer's noon

Its soft and yellow hair

And now with autumn's moonlit eves,

Its harvest time has come

We pluck away the frosted leaves

And bear the treasure home.


Wher'er the wide old kitchen hearth

Sends up its smoky curls

Who will not thank the kindly earth

And bless our farmer girls

Then shame on all the proud and vain

Whose folly laughs to scorn

The blessing of our hardy grain,

Our wealth of golden corn.