Kids' Liberation Song (Utah Phillips)

Utah Phillips

"Kids' Liberation Song" (karaoke)

Sheet Music of "Kids' Liberation Song" available from The Long Memory

Oh, look what I found out here in the backyard.

It's fuzzy and crawls like its goin' somewhere.

When I open my hand up to ask you my question,

You thumped me and hollered, "Don't bring it in here!"


Well, I had a question I wanted to ask you,

And I had some thoughts that I wanted to share,

But you made me feel like I don't know nothing,

And you made me wonder if you even care.


I'm stuck down here in a world full of giants;

You push me around like a dumb, little kid,

And, sometimes, you hit me just 'cause you want to;

I don't even know what it was that I did.


Oh, mommy's out putting her hair up in curlers,

And daddy's wrapped up in his football and beer,

And maybe they think that I'm just a damn nuisance,

But I sure as hell didn't ask to be here.


Oh, I ain't a broom that you hide in the closet,

And I ain't a dog that you bribe with a treat.

I'm tired of your threats and your punches and promises,

And I'd run away, but I can't cross the street.


Surrounded by teachers and creatures and parents,

You say ev'rybody knows better than me,

But I know some things that you never thought of,

And you'd be surprised at the stuff that I see.


Oh, I see the ants, and I see the butterflies;

I see the birds in the tops of the trees,

And I got me a cam'ra that doesn't miss nothing,

And my friends are anything smaller than me.


I've tried all I can to get your attention;

I'll have to try some other thing, I suppose.

When you tiptoe in to tuck in my covers,

I think I'll sit up and bite off your nose.


Now, ev'ryone's trying to get liberated;

You've all got the notion you want to be free.

Red folks and black folks and poor folks and women,

Now all you damn grownups, stop pickin' on me!