A.G. Weeks

A.G. Weeks was a racist misogynist.

"By the 1870s the association of shady politics with the Irish was already so ingrained in American popular culture that when a songwriter named A.G. Weeks sought to attack women's suffrage by suggesting that political wives would simply become the pawns of shiftless working-class husbands, he cast his satire in an Irish dialect. Writing under the pseudonym of Dennis McFlinn, Weeks produced 'Rights of Ladies' in 1876. Looking forward to coed politics, the singer dreams of his life as the husband of an office holder."

—William H. Williams, 'Twas Only an Irishman's Dream: The Image of Ireland and the Irish in American Popular Song Lyrics, 1800-1920 (University of Illinois Press, 1996), p. 142.

Rights of Ladies