The Rights of Man (Anonymous Worker)

An Anonymous Worker

"The Rights of Man" (karaoke)

"The Rights of Man" (sheet music)

God save the rights of man,

Give him a heart to scan,

Blessings so dear;

Let them be spread around,

Wherever man is found,

And with the welcome sound

Ravish his ear.


See from the universe

Darkness and clouds disperse;

Mankind, awake.

Reason and truth appear,

Freedom advances near,

Tyrants with terror hear,

See how they quake.


Long have we felt the stroke,

Long have we borne the yoke,

Sluggish and tame,

But a new era shines,

Enlightening all darkened minds,

Spreading to distant climes,

Liberty's flame.


Let us as men agree

And bid the world be free,

Leading the way.

Should tyrants all conspire,

Fearless of sword and fire,

Freedom shall ne'er retire,

Freedom shall sway.