Song of the Lumbermen

John Greenleaf Whittier

"Song of the Lumbermen" (karaoke)

"Song of the Lumbermen" (sheet music)

Not for us the measured ringing

From the village spire,

Not for us the Sabbath singing

Of the sweet-voiced choir:

Ours the old, majestic temple

Where God's brightness shines

Down the dome so grand and ample

Propped by lofty pines.


Cheerly on the axe of labor

Let the sunbeams dance,

Better than the flash of sabre

Or the gleam of lance,

Strike with ev'ry blow is given

Freer sun and sky,

And the long-hid earth to heaven

Looks with wond'ring eye.


Keep who will the city's alleys

Take the smooth shorn plain,

Give to us the cedar valleys,

Rocks, and hills of Maine.

In our Northland wild and woody

Let us still have part:

Rugged nurse and mother sturdy,

Hold us to thy heart.