Ludlow Massacre (Hayes and Robinson)

Alfred Hayes and Earl Robinson

"Ludlow Massacre" (karaoke)

"Ludlow Massacre" (sheet music)

Now, folks, let me tell you a story,

About a terrible crime

That was done in Ludlow, Colorado,

To the men that work in the mine.


Our children, they were so hungry;

Our wives were thin and worn;

We were striking 'gainst a rich man:

Meanest ever was born.


John D., he'd stacks of money;

John D., he'd silver and gold;

John D., he was warm in winter,

While mining folks went cold.


He sent down his hired gunmen;

They'd orders to shoot on sight;

He sent down troops with helmets

To break the miners' fight.


John D., he was a Christian;

John D., the psalms he sung;

But he'd no mercy in his heart;

He shot down old and young.


One night when all were sleeping,

All wrapped up in their dreams,

We heard a loud explosion;

We heard most terrible screams.


"Oh, save us from the burning flames!"

We heard our children cry;

But John D. laughed and shot them down

Right there before our eyes.


Folks the country over

And mining camps around,

Their hearts got sick with pity

At what happened in our town.


It was a terrible crime to do;

It was an awful thing;

And mining men like me made up

This little song to sing.


To sing it to the people,

Poor folks that work and sweat;

What John D. did in Ludlow,

They never should forget.


It was just a downright murder;

I ain't afraid to say;

It was done by a man with money;

And they always get away.


So, folks, you heard my story

About the Ludlow crime

That was done in Colorado

To the men that work in the mine.