Leslie Fish

Leslie Fish is an American IWW member, anarchist political activist, author, and filk musician.

“Born in New Jersey, 11 March 19-something, to a mundane dentist father and singer mother. Learned to sing and to read at a very young age; started playing guitar at 16; started writing the first of hundreds of songs shortly thereafter, including her first settings of Rudyard Kipling’s poetry. Went to her first con at 16; saw Martin Luther King Jr. speak at 17; went to college, majoring in English and minoring in psychology, protest and politics. Paid hard dues in the Civil Rights and anti-War movements; joined the Industrial Workers of the World; did psych counseling for vets (among many other jobs including railroad yard clerk, go-go dancer, computer keypuncher and social worker). Wrote her first filksong of dozens, ‘Fellowship Going South,’ in 1963. Saw the Apollo 11 landing in 1969, and then began her most famous (and best-loved) filksong, ‘Hope Eyrie’ [a.k.a. ‘The Eagle Has Landed’]; that took six years to write.”

—Mary Creasey, Random Factors

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