Judi Bari

Judi Bari (1949-1997) was an American IWW organizer and a fighter for many environmental justice, labor, and social causes.

“Music was an integral part of Bari’s organizing style. She had taken violin lessons while growing up, and her violin was transformed into her ‘fiddle’ when she moved to California. She rarely showed up at any rally, demonstration, or public appearance without breaking out the fiddle and joining others in playing a few songs. She used songs as a unifying tool in the tradition of labor organizing, but also as a weapon on the front lines against her targets, and as a morale booster around the campfire or while on the road. There is an Earth First! songbook published including some of her songs, titled Up Rise Singing (the title a take-off on Rise Up Singing, the classic folk song book).”

—Nicholas Wilson, Albion Monitor, March 1997

Aristocracy Forever