I've Thrashed All My Oats Fields

A Pennsylvania Dutch Folk Song

"I've Thrashed All My Oats Fields" (karaoke)

"I've Thrashed All My Oats Fields" (sheet music)

Hab Hawwer gedrosche,

Hab Linnse geseet;

Hab mannich schee Meedel

Am Danse gedreet!


Bin mit re geloffe

Im Regge un im Wind;

Hen mannich Mool bei nanner g'schloofe,

Un hen yoo noch kein Kind!


I've thrashed all my oats fields;

My lentils I've sown;

I've swung on the dance floor

Many a girl of my own.


I've walked along with her

While the winds raged wild

And slept with her often

And never had a child!