Ralph E. Hoyt

"America" (karaoke)

"America" (sheet music)

Our Country, 'tis of thee,

Sweet land of knavery,

Of thee we sing!

Sweet land of Jobs and Rings,

And various crooked things:

Our social system brings

Full many a sting.


Our boodlers sometimes flee

Far off to Canada

To save their bacon.

But thousands more, we fear,

Will still continue here,

Each other's hearts to cheer

With hopes unshaken.


Land of the great defaulter,

Of knaves who need the halter,

Where gold is king,

Land where fond hopes have died,

Where demagogues reside,

Monopolies preside

And mis'ry bring.


We love thy rocks and rills,

But not thy bitter ills:

And griefs that follow.

Thy boasts of "equal rights,"

Made through thy leading lights,

In rhetoric proud fights

Are somewhat hollow.


Sweet Land, sweet Liberty,

Let Truth and Justice be

Allowed full sway.

When none shall toil in vain,

Monopolies cease to reign,

No heart be pierced with pain

By cruel wrong.


Land of true liberty,

We'll sound loud praise to thee

In cheerful song.

Then will the oppressed arise,

The dawn salute all eyes,

Souls swell with glad surprise:

God speed the day!