A Sea Song

An Anonymous Worker

"A Sea Song" (karaoke)

"A Sea Song" (sheet music)

You gentlemen of England who stay at home at ease

How little do you think of the Dangers of the Seas

Give ear unto bold Mariners and they will plainly Sho

All the fears and the cares we poor Seamen undergo.


If you intend to be Seamen you must have a valiant heart

And when you're on the raging Sea you must think to start

Neither be faint hearted at hail, rain, frost or snow

Or to think for to sink whilst the stormy winds do blow.


And when we meet our Enemies as often times we do

We'll either drive them off our Coast or else we'll bring them too

Our roaring guns shall teach them our valor for to show

For we'll real on her keel whilst the stormy winds do blow.


Sometimes in absent Bosom our ship is toss'd with waves

Expecting every moment the Seas would prove our graves

It's up aloft she mounts Boys then down again so low

Then we ride as the tide whilst the stormy winds do blow.


When to Boston we return our wages for our pains

The tapster and the miller shall share in all our gains

We'll call for Licker round boys we'll pay before we go

For we'll roar on the shore whilst the stormy winds do blow.