The Voice of Toil (William Morris)

“The Voice of Toil” Sheet Music (pdf).
“The Voice of Toil” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: William Morris.
Tune: “Ye Banks and Braes.”

I heard men saying, “Leave hope and praying;
All days shall be as all have been;
Today and tomorrow bring fear and sorrow:
The never-ending toil between.
When earth was younger ’midst toil and hunger,
In hope we strove, and our hands were strong.
Then great men led us with words they fed us
And bade us right the earthly wrong.”

“Go read in story their deeds and glory,
Their names amidst the nameless dead.
Turn then from lying to us slow dying
In that good world to which they led,
Where fast and faster our iron master,
The thing we made, forever drives,
Bids us grind treasure and fashion pleasure
For other hopes and other lives.”

“Let dead hearts tarry and trade and marry,
And trembling nurse their dreams of mirth,
While we, the living, our lives are giving
To bring the bright new world to birth.
Come, shoulder to shoulder, ere earth grows older!
The Cause spreads over land and sea.
Now the world shaketh and fear awaketh
And joy at last for thee and me.”

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