Good-Bye, Joe Hill (Utah Phillips)

“Good-Bye, Joe Hill” Sheet Music (pdf).
“Good-Bye, Joe Hill” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: Utah Phillips.
Tune: Utah Phillips.

Good-bye, Joe Hill, we’ve had some good times here.
I wish you could stay around for just another year.
But the battle line keeps movin’, and I know that you can’t stay.
I guess sometimes it just works out that way.

Good-bye, Tom Joad, we’ll meet…. I don’t know where.
We’re a better kind of people for knowin’ you were here.
It was a damn good fight, Tom, but we lost…. And that’s a shame.
I’m glad we stood and fought it all the same.

Good-bye, Gene Debs, I know just where you’ll be.
“While there’s a man in prison, my soul cannot be free.”
Well, Gene, you tried to change them, but they beat you in the end.
I’m glad glad that we had you for a friend.

And Ammon, you old rebel, it’s just another round.
Takes more than politicians to keep a rebel down.
There’s one thing I know for certain. I’ll swear by God it’s true.
This bluenose town ain’t seen the end of you.

So long, Joe Hill, so long but not good-bye.
You’re off to teach some grafters how to sizzle and to fry.
But someday, we’re gonna need you Joe. You and all your friends
Will never have to say good-bye again.

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