The New America (Tuli Kupferberg)

“The New America” Sheet Music (pdf).
“The New America” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: Tuli Kupferberg.
Tune: “America.”

My country, is it of thee?
Land bereft of liberty,
Is it of thee I sing?
Land where the Indian died,
Land of the slave holders’ pride,
From ev’ry mountain’s strip-mined side,
Let pollution spring.

My know-nothing country, thee,
Land of great college fees,
Thy hair’s been dyed.
We hear thy rocks and rolls,
Jingled by thy greedy souls.
And all through the land thou stole,
Thy TV is refried.

Thy gunshots shoot the breeze.
Gooks hang from worldwide trees.
Thine is the bomb.
Lied to in all thy schools,
Beaten with thy golden rules,
Treated like a bunch of fools,
Our time will come.

Thy propertied god, to thee,
Architect of tyranny,
To thee, we won’t cow’r.
Soon, may our land be bright
With rebellion’s holy light.
In daring love is our might.
Common people to pow’r.

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