Gesundheit, Mister Wob (T-Bone Slim)

“Gesundheit, Mister Wob” Sheet Music (pdf).
“Gesundheit, Mister Wob” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: T-Bone Slim.
Tune: “Mister Gallagher and Mister Shean.”

There are two famous men;
They’re always on the job;
One is Mister Scissorbill;
The other is Mister Wob.
Let praises then be sung
(By hearts with sorrow wrung)
For the things they do
And the way they coo
And the way they use their “lung.”

Oh! Mister Scissorbill! Oh! Mister Scissorbill!
How much coin have you taken to Liquorville?
I’m convinced you drink too much,
And your brain must need a crutch;
Yes, I hope to gosh ’twill make you sicker still.

Oh! Mister Wob! Oh! Mister Wob!
My head feels just as if ’twas being shod;
I am sick and sore inside,
And I fear I’ve strained my hide….

More than likely, Mister Scissorbill….

Gesundheit, Mister Wob.

Oh, hearken to my wail;
They are two famous men;
Please, oh Mister Editor,
Donate this space to them;
Although it may be wrong,
Please soak them with a song:
For the way they slave
And the way they rave;
’Tis an inspiration strong.

Oh! Mister Scissorbill! Oh! Mister Scissorbill!
Your dear wife now will surely miss her swill;
She will surely miss her hash
Now that you have had your splash,
And I ’spose you’ve got the crust to kick her still?

Oh! Mister Wob! Oh! Mister Wob!
My wife does everything but carry “hod,”
And although it’s wrong to pun,
She’s my faithful washing-ton….

And you love ’er, Mister Scissorbill?

All there’s of her, Mister Wob.

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