The Prison Industry (Susan Appe)

“The Prison Industry” Sheet Music (pdf).
“The Prison Industry” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: Susan Appe.
Tune: Vic Mizzy.

There’s profit to be made
Don’t worry ’bout fair trade
You can participate in
The global economy

Products for cheap
Big profits you’ll keep
Now, you’ll compete
Think of the sweet
Benefits you’ll reap

No unions in the way
They work eighteen hours a day
You can force them to obey
The new enslavery

Pennies a day
They can’t get away
When they complain
About their pain
None hear what they say

We give them drugs and guns
So there’s millions to imprison
Only black and poor and young ones
Like plantations used to be

Three strikes you’re out
No reasonable doubt
Unless you’ve got clout
A white collar to tout
You’re not getting out

The police will protect you
The media reflect you
The protesters reject you
It’s the prison industry

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