Out of the Dark (Samuel Longfellow)

“Out of the Dark” Sheet Music (pdf).
“Out of the Dark” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: Samuel Longfellow.
Tune: Charles Zeuner.

Out of the dark, the circling sphere
Is rounding onward to the light;
We see not yet the full day here,
But we do see the paling night.

And Hope that lights her fadeless fires,
And Faith that shines a heav’nly will,
And Love that courage reinspires,
These stars have been above us still.

O sentinels! whose tread we heard,
Through long hours when we could not see,
Pause now; exchange with cheer the word:
The unchanging watchword, Liberty.

Look backward how much has been won!
Look round how much is yet to win!
The watches of the night are done;
The watches of the day begin.

O Thou, whose mighty patience holds
The night and day alike in view,
Thy will our dearest hope enfolds:
O keep us steadfast, patient, true!

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