In Movie Town (Sam Slingsby)

“In Movie Town”

Lyrics: Sam Slingsby.
Tune: Unknown.

In Movie town the hoakum’s great,
In Movietown.
In Movie land, the hook holds bait,
In Movieland.
The rents are high, they reach the sky,
It costs to live, it busts to die,
In Movietown.

In bunko town the rebs are rare,
In bunkotown.
In bunko land, they sell the air,
In bunko land.
Don’t whisper here of poetry,
The arts are deader ’n hell, you see,
In bunkotown.

In Podunkville they worship god,
In Podunkville.
In Podunktown, the muses nod,
In Podunktown.
They act and strut, and blow and brag,
Their pouches bulge, their eyelids sag,
In Podunkville.

In Dollarland, they shorten lives,
In Dollarland.
In Dollartown, they change their wives,
In Dollartown.
They gorge and stink, they gulp and drink,
They haste towards death, nor stop to think,
In Dollarland!

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