The Suckers Sadly Gather (Richard Brazier)

“The Suckers Sadly Gather” Sheet Music (pdf).
“The Suckers Sadly Gather” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: Richard Brazier.
Tune: “Where the Silvery Colorado Wends Its Way.”

The suckers sadly gather ’round the Red Cross office door,
And at the job signs longingly they gaze;
They think it’s time they shipped out to a job once more
For they haven’t bought a job for sev’ral days.
So, inside they go, and they put down their dough.
“We’ve come to buy a job from you,” they say.
The employment shark says, “Right, I will ship you out tonight
Where the silv’ry Colorado wends its way.

Now those suckers by the score
Are hiking back once more
For they didn’t get a job out there, they say.
So, to town they’re hiking back
O’er that bum old railroad track
Where the silv’ry Colorado wends its way.

The hobos quietly gather ’round a distant water tank
While the bulls are safely resting home in bed.
And they sadly sit and ponder on the days when they ate pie
And occasion’lly some mouldy punk instead.
But now they’re living high when a chicken coop is nigh
For the ranchers send them chickens every day.
So, to the jungles they skidoo, there to dine on chicken stew
Where the silv’ry Colorado wends its way.

There’s a ’bo ’neath every tree,
And they’re happy as can be
For the chewings ’round that place are good, they say.
For they have chicken galore,
And they know where there is more
Where the silv’ry Colorado wends its way.

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