I’ll Remember You (Richard Brazier)

“I’ll Remember You” Sheet Music (pdf).
“I’ll Remember You” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: Richard Brazier.
Tune: “I Remember You.”

A Missouri yap came in to see the town,
Dressed up fine in his suit, a hand-me-down.
An employment shark saw him coming ’cross the way,
Took him for a sucker or Missouri Jay;
Says, “How’ do, rube? I seem to ’member you;
I’ve got a good job I’ll send you out to.”
Sucker, seemed delighted, said, “That will just suit me.”
And these words he whispered as he handed him his fee:

“I’ll remember you; I’ll remember you;
You seem a decent feller
For a common job seller
For on that job you’ve sold me, I’ll make a hundred or two!
I’ll remember you; there’s nothing wrong with you;
Gee, I’m awf’lly glad you told me
’Bout that job that you have sold me;
I’ll remember you.”

Missouri yap went out on the job:
Found he’d been fooled by that employment hog;
He worked hard for a day or two, you see,
When the boss fired the big yap from Missouri.
Sucker beat his way back into town;
For that shark at once, he began to look around;
He went to a plumber’s shop and bought a piece of pipe;
Then said as he waited for the shark he meant to swipe:

“I remember you; I remember you;
Mister Shark, you grafter,
You’re the feller I am after
For I mean to comb your hair with this piece of pipe!
Oh, I remember you, and you’ll remember me.
See, the shark to me is walking;
Soon, this gas-pipe will be talking.
Then he’ll remember me.”

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