If You Workers Would Only Unite (Richard Brazier)

“If You Workers Would Only Unite” Sheet Music (pdf).
“If You Workers Would Only Unite” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: Richard Brazier.
Tune: “If the Man in the Moon Were a Coon.”

Oh, working folk, say when, oh when
Will you wake up from your dreams
And unite so that you can fight
Your masters’ crafty schemes?
They do intend your power to bend
And work you till you’re nearly dead.
So get wise, come now and organize
Beneath our flag of red.

If you workers would only unite, unite
In one union grand,
Against your masters you could win your fight, fight, fight,
Throughout the land.
No need to be always on the hog
Or pay a shark two dollars for a job,
If you workers would only unite, unite.

The Industrial Workers of the World
Ask if you’ll organize.
Every day they point out the way
By which you workers can get wise.
They say to you to your class be true,
Unite in one union grand.
Come and try; never say die,
But give us a helping hand.

Then our masters will have to hit the pike, pike, pike
And count the ties.
All over the country they will hike, hike, hike,
To their surprise.
They will have to work or stave
And the workers then will have the laugh
If you workers will only unite, unite.

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