Every Day You Can’t Go A-Sporting (Pennsylvania Dutch)

“Every Day You Can’t Go A-Sporting” Sheet Music (pdf).
“Every Day You Can’t Go A-Sporting” (in Pennsylvania Dutch) Karaoke (midi with lyrics).
“Every Day You Can’t Go A-Sporting” (in English) Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

A Pennsylvania Dutch Folk Song.
A Song of Courtship and Marriage.

Siss net alli Daag luschdich Leewe,
Siss net alli Daag Faasenacht!
Ich hab mei Geld em Schpielmann gewwe
Un hab gedanst die ganse Nacht.

Datt drausse schteht en scheener Bu;
Wau er iss, des wees ich net.
Ich will geh en karressiere;
Maag mich liewe noch aach nicht.

Ach Buweli, ich hab Gold un Silwer!
Buweli, ich hab Haus un Lott!
Buweli, ich hab alli Gieder,
Was mann sich erwinschen kann.

Awwer liewer das ich mei yung frisch Leewe,
Soo me alde Wittmann geewe,
Liewer wollt ich Kuggele giesse
Fer denn alde Wittmann schiesse.

Ev’ry day, you can’t go a-sporting.
Fasenacht is not ev’ry day.
The fiddler took my cash for fiddling,
While I danced the night away.

Out there stands such a handsome boy.
Who he is, alas, I don’t know,
Yet will I go and give love’s joy,
Even though he answers, “yes” or “no.”

Little boy, I have gold and silver.
Little boy, I have house and lot.
And little boy, I am no miser
With all the riches I have got.

Rather than give my fresh, young life
To that widower, that old sot,
Would I bullets be a-molding
To shoot him with a single shot.

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