Down in the Meadow (Pennsylvania Dutch)

“Down in the Meadow” Sheet Music (pdf).
“Down in the Meadow” (in Pennsylvania Dutch) Karaoke (midi with lyrics).
“Down in the Meadow” (in English) Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

A Pennsylvania Dutch Folk Song.
A Song of the Snitzing Party.

♂: Datt drunne in der Wiss, datt waxt des Graas;
Aus demm Wasser datt sauft der Haas.
In der Grick datt schwimme die Fisch,
Luschdich wau noch leddich iss!

♀: Denkscht du ich wott mei yung frisch Leewe
Zu sellem alde Wittman geewe?
Liewer wollt ich Kuggle giesse
Fer denn alde Wittmann schiesse!

♂: Ei, Meedle, wann mer heiere duhne,
Misse mir die Wiegge ziehgge;
Misse singe hei-oh-bei,
Geh un koch demm Kind moll Brei!

♀: Hool die Millich moll aus demm Keller,
Setz des Mehl moll uff der Deller,
Geh un riehr der Beri moll ei,
Setzet iwwer’s Feier nei!

♂: Ach, glei doo kummt sie rausgerennt;
Gell, du hoscht der Brei verbrennt?
Ich denk ich muss dich lanne koche—
Saufe kannscht du ganse Woche!

♀: Geh numme nei un red net viel,
Odder ich zieg der Beesemschtiel;
Der Beesemschtiel iss nix zu viel,
Wann’s net kummt mit em Schippeschtiel!

♂: Down in the meadow, the wild birds sing;
The rabbits drink from the bubbling spring.
In the creek, the shy fish swim.
Glad’s the man who is free of women!

♀: You think for a moment I’d give up this life
To be that widower’s second wife?
I’d rather mold some bullets of lead,
Aim at the pest, and shoot him dead!

♂: Ah, sweetheart, when I marry you,
You’ll rock the cradle the whole night through,
Sing the baby lullabies,
And feed him pap whenever he cries.

♀: Go down in the cellar and fetch the milk;
Set flour on the table as fine as silk.
Go and stir the pap, do you hear?
Then, set it over the cooking fire, dear!

♂: Now, here she comes, running lickety clip.
You’ve burnt the pap, you little snip!
I think I must teach you cooking and frying.
You can drink long weeks without even trying!

♀: Just go and don’t babble so loud,
Or I’ll take the broomstick and drive you out!
The broomsticks not hard—on the level.
You’re lucky I don’t take the root shovel!

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