A Wobbly Good and True (Paul Walker)

“A Wobbly Good and True” Sheet Music (pdf).
“A Wobbly Good and True” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: Paul Walker.
Tune: “Let the Rest of the World Go By.”

I was riding one day on a train far away,
Wishing there was a Wobbly near,
When it did just seem
Like someone in a dream
Came a Wob with a hearty cheer.

With someone like you,
A Wob good and true,
We’d like to rule this world
And all that it produces.
Day and night, fight the greedy parasites
Just to give all slaves their rights.
And then, we’ll have peace;
The master class will cease
To divide us while we’re on the job.
The boss will be surprised
To find us organized
And every slave will be a Wob.

Now he said, “Look here, son.
I don’t know where you’re from,
But I know that you’re true blue.
Let us hope that some day
All wage slaves will say,
‘Hurrah for the O. B. U.’”

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