All Men Are Brothers (Paul Robeson)

“All Men Are Brothers” Sheet Music (pdf).
“All Men Are Brothers” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Performer: Paul Robeson.
Lyrics: Friedrich Schiller.
Tune: Ludwig van Beethoven.

Brother, sing thy country’s anthem;
Shout your land’s undying fame;
Light the wondrous tale of nations
With your people’s golden name;
Tell your father’s noble story;
Raise on high your country’s sign;
Join them in the final glory;
Brother, raise your flag with mine.

Build the road of peace before us;
Build it wide and deep and long;
Speed the slow and check the eager;
Help the weak and curb the strong;
None shall push aside another;
None shall let another fall;
March beside me, O, my brother;
All for one and one for!

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  1. Hi, I am from China. I was moved by all songs in your website, especially this song. I admire your passion and efforts on the collections. I will continue to pay attention to your website and hope to see more moving works here.

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