Bide Your Time (Michael Joseph Barry)

Lyrics: Michael Joseph Barry.
Tune: Lost.

Bide your time, the morn is breaking
Bright with Freedom’s blessed ray,
Millions from their trance awaking,
Soon shall stand in firm array.
Man shall fetter man no longer,
Liberty shall march sublime,
Every moment makes us stronger,
Calm and thoughtful, bide your time.

Bide your time, one false step taken
Perils all you yet have done,
Undismayed, erect, unshaken,
Watch and wait and all is won.
’Tis not by a rash endeavor,
Man can e’er to greatness climb,
Would you win your rights forever?
Firm, unshrinking, bide your time.

Bide your time, your worst transgression
Were to strike and strike in vain,
He whose arm would smite oppression,
Must not need to strike again.
Danger makes the brave man steady,
Rashness is the coward’s crime,
Be for Freedom’s battle ready.
When it comes, but bide your time.

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