Sleepyhead (Linda Arnold)

“Sleepyhead” Sheet Music (pdf).
“Sleepyhead” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: Linda Arnold.
Tune: Linda Arnold.

So very new,
While you’re growing,
I’m dreaming of you,
Of the time when I will hold you
Gently in my arms.
Child of my dreams,
Your mystery charms me.

Tiny stranger,
Three months along,
I know you’ll be beautiful.
And I’m sure that you’ll be strong.
But will your new eyes
Be the color of the sky
Or green like your father’s
Or brown like mine?
Will your hair be raven black,
Chestnut, or strawberry red?
Will your moods be in shades of blue
Or sunshine yellow instead?
In all my visions
Of whom you will be,
Child of my dreams,
You’re a rainbow to me.

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