Stand United, All You Workers (Lenny Flank)

“Stand United, All You Workers” Sheet Music (pdf).
“Stand United, All You Workers” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: Lenny Flank.
Tune: “Jesus Loves the Little Children.”

Stand united, all you workers, all you workers of the world.
Men and women, black and white, side by side, we’ll stand and fight:
One Big Union of the workers of the world.

Don’t go begging to the bosses, think they treat you mighty fine?
If you’re waiting for the day when the boss will raise your pay,
Let me tell you you’ll be waiting a long time.

We can break the bosses’ power; the answer’s clearer than a bell.
We can win the things we like with a workers’ gen’ral strike,
And then we can tell the bosses, “Go to hell.”

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