The Gyppo’s Finish (L. E. Sinclair)

“The Gyppo’s Finish”

Lyrics: L. E. Sinclair.
Tune: Unknown.

Old Bill Hop—he worked by the piece;
Lived on frugal fare and axle grease.
He never swore and he never cussed;
Had faith in God and the Timber Trust.
He never shirked and he never thought,
For the harder he worked the less he got.
He chased the clock from morn till night
Till he lost his pep and he lost his sight.
A poor old wreck—one cold, gray day
The boss came out and shooed him away.
We found him dead by the big fir stump,
His hands all knots and his back all hump.
Said old Reb Jack as we buried the dead,
“A bone in the back is worth two in the head.”

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