Strip Mine Boss (Kyle Mills)

“Strip Mine Boss”

Lyrics: Kyle Mills.
Tune: Kyle Mills.

That strip mine boss doesn’t care what’s down below
When he blows apart a mountain to get down to the coal.
All he cares about is his unearned dirty dollar
When he destroys our mountains and fills up our hollers.

That strip mine boss just won’t leave us alone.
Oh, where will we go when we can’t go home?
When I look at our mountains, I see beautiful green
And the crystal clear clean waters of our rivers and our streams.

But when that strip mine boss looks across our heavenly hills,
All he thinks is where he can blast and build a valley fill.
We’ve got to take a stand to take back our land:
Pry it out of the greedy coal companies’ hand.

I wrote this song to sing across our land
Because our politicians sneak around with pens in their hands,
Writing laws that welcome strip mines in with open arms.
They don’t care about all the folks that signatures have harmed.

I believe in hard work and small, mountain towns,
Where the only job there is is to go down underground,
So let the Union miners dig way down into the ground,
And for many, many years, our mountains will still be around.

I wrote this song because I care.
I wrote this song in clean mountain air.
Yes, I will fight until my last dying hour
To show them that it’s with the people lies all the power.

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