Your Nursing Heart (Julie McCall)

“Your Nursing Heart” Sheet Music (pdf).
“Your Nursing Heart” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: Julie McCall.
Tune: “Your Cheatin’ Heart.”

Your nursing heart cannot be free
’Cause health care’s just an industry.
Care for the sick; tend to the ill;
See that they survive to pay their bill.

They say behave in a professional way.
When will we get professional pay?
When I double out, the arrythmia starts.
Defibrillate my nursing heart.

Angels of mercy must forego
Those extra ‘perks’ we used to know,
Like eating lunch, sleeping at night.
When you’re a nurse, you have no rights.

Each new demand just makes things worse.
I’m a person, not ‘just a nurse.’
Each time I consider the indignities,
My nursing heart throws PVCs.

I think my boss is going to be surprised
When he finds out we’ve organized.
The contract we win will be our guide,
And our nursing hearts will beat with pride.

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