Worries of the Great Big Boss (John Olday)

“Worries of the Great Big Boss”

Lyrics: John Olday.
Tune: Unknown.

“The rebels and mob
Are out to rob!”
Said the great big boss in dismay.
“Undermined by sedition
Are religion and tradition:
Good people are led astray!”

Said the great big boss
Tremendously cross:
“Let us face the threatening chaos!”
And horror-eyed
His underlings cried:
“You’re right in whatever you say, boss!”

“The position is grave,
Nobody is safe,
For they threaten to sweep away US!”
His underlings roared:
“Good Saviour and Lord,
If the riff-raff succeed
They may slay us!”

So wireless and press
Began to express
Their views on anarchist plotters.
“They should all be shot
Or made to rot
In His Majesty’s prisons, the rotters!”

And the hunt began,
And many a man
Was quietly locked away,
The boss said a prayer
Of thanks and felt gayer
And doubled his underlings’ pay.

To our regret, there’s no end—yet—
To this story, but come it will:
On the day when we all
Smash the prison wall
And present to the boss his bill.

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