The Parasites (John E. Nordquist)

“The Parasites” Sheet Music (pdf).
“The Parasites” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: John E. Nordquist.
Tune: “Annie Laurie.”

Parasites in this fair country live from honest labor’s sweat;
There are some who never labor, yet labor’s product get;
They never starve or freeze nor face the wintry breeze;
They are well fed, clothed and sheltered, and they do whate’re they please.

These parasites are living in luxury and state;
While millions starve and shiver and moan their wretched fate;
They know not why they die nor do they ever try
Their lot in life to better; they only mourn and sigh.

These parasites would vanish and leave this grand old world,
If the workers fought together and the scarlet flag unfurled;
When in One Union Grand the working class will stand,
The parasites will vanish, and the workers rule this land.

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