The Dream of a Millionaire (John E. Nordquist)

“The Dream of a Millionaire” Sheet Music (pdf).
“The Dream of a Millionaire” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: John E. Nordquist.
Tune: “The Dream of a Soldier Boy.”

In every jail on democracy’s trail,
The Wobblies were doing their bit.
A parasite lay dreaming
Who said their doom was fit.
When the darkness had taken to flight,
Then he told of his dream in the night:

“We have crushed the Industrial Union.
We have killed all their active men.
We have smeared them with tar, and we’ve beat them with clubs,
And scared away the working dubs.
There’s no chance for their organization.
One Big Union has turned to air.
And back are the toilers to slav’ry again.”
’Twas the dream of a millionaire.

From every cell does the grand message swell:
“The toilers must all organize!
Put down your tyrant masters!
Accept no compromise!
And the dream of your slavery’s night
Shall come true in the real freedom’s light.”

“When the Industrial Workers shall triumph,
All the masters must go to work,
And our mothers and wives shall not want on that day,
And work-worn children then shall play.
Every mortal shall live by his labor,
And the old folks shall have good care.
The earth to a paradise will be transformed.
But a dream was the millionaire.”

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