Not in Dumb Resignation (John Hay)

“Not in Dumb Resignation” Sheet Music (pdf).
“Not in Dumb Resignation” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: John Hay.
Tune: “Llangloffan.”

Not in dumb resignation,
We lift our hands on high;
Not like the nerveless fatalist,
Content to trust and die:
Our faith springs like the eagle,
Who soars to meet the sun,
And cries exulting unto Thee,
O Lord, Thy will be done!

When tyrant feet are trampling
Upon the common weal,
Thou dost not bid us bend and writhe
Beneath the iron heel.
In Thy name we assert our right
By sword or tongue or pen,
And oft a people’s wrath may flash
Thy message unto men.

Thy will! It strengthens weakness,
It bids the strong be just;
No lip to fawn, no hand to beg,
No brow to seek the dust.
Wherever man oppresses man
Beneath Thy liberal sun,
O Lord, be there, Thy arm made bare,
Thy righteous will be done!


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