Talking Want Ad (Janet Smith)

“Talking Want Ad” Sheet Music (pdf).
“Talking Want Ad” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: Janet Smith.
Tune: Janet Smith.

Oh, I’m lookin’ for a man to wash my clothes,
Iron my shirts and blow my nose,
Sweep the floor and wax the kitchen
While I sit around playin’ guitar an’ bitchin’!
Mud all over my boots,
Feet upon the table,
Just doin’ my thing.

Oh, I’m lookin’ for a man to cook my meals,
Wash the dishes and take the peels
Off my bananas with a grin,
And ask me how my day has been….
Insufferable, as usual.
Playing music
Is such a struggle.

Well, I’m lookin’ for a guy with curly hair
And great big muscles and a nice derrière
Who’ll get up nights and feed the baby
And bring my coffee when I’m ready.
I gotta feel good in the morning.
That’s when I
Make my best music.

So, if you feel you’d like to apply,
Just send a photo or drop on by,
And I’ll let you shine my shoes today,
And if you do that good, I’ll let you stay
And cook my dinner.
And after you’ve cleaned up after yourself,
If you’re lucky, I might let you listen to me practice my guitar!

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