LiveWork, LiveWork (Jamie Ben-Azay)

“LiveWork, LiveWork” Sheet Music (pdf).
“LiveWork, LiveWork” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: Jamie Ben-Azay.
Tune: John Kander.

Start spreading the news.
You move in thirty days.
We want to be a part of it—
Those vagabond ’hoods
Are going away.
Right through the very heart of it—

We want to wake up in a city that isn’t cheap
And find we’re kings of the market, top of the heap.

These rent control blues
Are melting away
We’ll make a brand-new law of it—
LiveWork, LiveWork Lofts.
If we can kick you out,
The rents will skyrocket.
We’ll start a new, rich town—

We want to dine out in a restaurant that serves elites,
So property values go up, top of the hill, view of the bay with a doorman and all.

These white flight blues
Are gone for today.
We’re going to make an Internet start-up
With LiveWork Lofts.
If we can make it here,
We’ll make it anywhere.
It’s up to us to clean the streets—

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