The Worker’s Funeral Hymn (J. E. Sinclair)

“The Worker’s Funeral Hymn” Sheet Music (pdf).
“The Worker’s Funeral Hymn” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: J. E. Sinclair.
Tune: “Abide with Me.”

Heart that was brave in Freedom’s holy train,
Striving to break the master’s cruel chain;
Here by your grave, we pledge ourselves anew
Never to rest until your dream comes true!

Sleep, Worker, sleep, strong hearts the watch will keep,
Till through the darkness Earth’s new dawn shall creep;
Flowers we lay in silence where you dream,
Soft as the snow that feeds the mountain stream.

Under the red carnation and the rose,
Sleep sweetly on, the sleep no waking knows;
Soldier of toil, a tribute here we bring:
Love’s last farewell in broken song we sing!

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