Men of the People (Herbert Burrows)

“Men of the People” Sheet Music (pdf).
“Men of the People” Karaoke (midi with lyrics).

Lyrics: Herbert Burrows.
Tune: Joseph Scheu.

Men of the people! you who say
That Freedom is your right,
Not words but acts we need today.
Your rulers long have held the sway.
’Tis time their pow’r you swept away!
For Freedom then unite!
For Freedom then unite!

Too long from fact’ry, mill and field,
Has come the patient cry.
’Tis time that they should see you wield
A force ’gainst which they have no shield.
Your words will never make them yield.
Their justice is a lie.
Their justice is a lie.

They claim as theirs your very lives;
Your daughters are their sport;
In rags and starving go your wives,
While you are fettered by their gyves.
And still the lordly bishop shrives
These fav’rites of a court,
These fav’rites of a court.

But toil for them no more; the earth
Was never meant for drones.
The selfish pride which springs from birth,
Give way it must to honest worth.
Let them not make your life a dearth
Nor crush you to the stones,
Nor crush you to the stones.

Arouse yourselves, and your manhood
Shall cause all men to sing
A song at once both glad and good,
That universal brotherhood,
Which never yet was understood
By despot, priest, or king,
By despot, priest, or king.

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